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What's New

02/23/20 Added new video called 'Rock of Chickamauga' to Chronology page. Lyrics by Mike States.
06/10/19 Updated source for Stephen Z. Starr essay Grant and Thomas: December, 1964 as it is no longer posted on Cincinnati Civil War Round Table website.
03/27/19 Remembrance of General Thomas Death on March 28, 1870: Judgment of History.
11/21/18 Added Article Snubbed! George Thomas by Ernest B. Furgurson
05/27/17 Added new portrait of General Thomas by Samuel W. Price
03/25/17 Added new photo of Thomas Statue in winter
01/27/17 Updated Chronology Page regarding Chickamauga.
07/14/16 Added An Address delivered before G.H. Thomas Post No 84, G.A.R. Lancaster, PA 4/30/1909.
08/11/15 Added book review of Grant Under Fire by Joseph A. Rose. This is an important book on the Civil War.
11/24/14 Updated Favorite CW Links
09/29/14 Updated What If Page.
06/18/14 Changed Guestbook entry to email to deter direct viewable entries.
11/08/13 Added book By Frank P. Varney to Bibliography Page
09/11/13 Added U-tube video of Jimmy Driftwood singing "Rock of Chickamauga" on Chronology Page
01/28/13 Updated Thomas bibliography from United States Army Military History Institute.
10/04/12 Updated Dan Hughes' Thomas at Nashville page.
06/16/12 Corrected links on Favorite CW Links
04/11/12 Added new book on Thomas in Bibliography Page
10/30/11 Update of Chronology Page (Chattanooga and Nashville).
09/11/11 Changed guestbook entry method to deter spamming in direct viewable guestbook.
07/16/11 Added a reference in the Biography page to a new novel involving the true story of General Thomas and his ill treatment by Sherman & Grant. The main character is a young man of great promise and integrity who becomes a key member of the General's Intelligence Service. This man goes between the lines spying and also searching for a girl he loves who has been taken behind Confederate lines. 
04/25/11 Added Presentation on Thomas at Nashville, courtesy of Dan Hughes.
11/13/10 Updated Thomas bibliography from United States Army Military History Institute.
07/07/10 Added improved guestbook.
03/07/10 Music Page awarded "Named Best of the Web for The Civil War by Shmoop "
12/03/09 Updated Nashville (1864) on Chronology Page and the Schofield and Thomas page.
11/15/09 Updated Favorite CW website list
10/30/09 Added quote from Benjamin F. Scribner announcing the birth of George H. Thomas Scribner to the General in the 1869 row of the  Chronology page.
07/29/09 Added General Turchin's book on Chickamauga in the Bibliography page.
06/01/09 Added new photo of Thomas Statue
05/08/09 See new book on General Thomas called Master of War by Benson Bobrick
02/03/09 This General Thomas website is selected for a "2009 Web's Best Sites Award" by the Encyclopedia Britannica.
10/01/08 Updated Thomas books available on the web in Bibliography page.
08/30/08 Updated Chronology Page with more info on the Nat Turner Insurrection.
11/25/07 Updated Chronology Page with more information on Thomas' pre Civil War years.
11/09/07 Added review of new biography on General Thomas by Christopher J. Einolf.
06/03/07 Updated Thomas bibliography from United States Army Military History Institute.
05/17/07 Fixed background music on pages with embedded music.  They now will play correctly on Firefox and Netscape browsers as well as I.E.  Microsoft's Frontpage tries to make it difficult to play music correctly on non Microsoft browsers.  Listen to the West Point March.   
05/02/07 Added link to General Thomas article in March 2007 Smithsonian in Bibliography page.
04/29/07 Added a multimedia animation on the Battle of Chickamauga to the chronology page using Flash technology.
04/10/07 Added article on the Thomas Circle in Washington, D.C. Courtesy of Grace Rovegno Fleet.
01/02/07 Updated Bibliography page to include 5 Thomas books now available on the web.
12/08/06 Updated 'What if' essay about President Garfield and General Thomas.
08/12/06 Added a new poem by R. Raymond III about the Army of the Cumberland
06/04/06 Updated 'Thomas Mystery Photo Exposed' correcting the Library of Congress caption of this famous photo.
11/04/05 Added Thomas Oath of office to Chronology page.
09/03/05 Added a new MIDI song, "West Point March" to the Music page.
08/28/05 Added a new MIDI song, "As the Caissons Go rolling Along" to the Music page.
07/12/05 Added a new photo of the Thomas monument at Oakwood Cemetery in Troy, New York
06/03/05 Added link to new portrait of Thomas.
04/02/05 Added link to Seminole War from the Chronology Page.
03/06/05 Added new portrait of Thomas.
09/20/04 Added new photos of Thomas Statue.
09/07/04 Added an article on Schofield and Thomas on the Controversy Page.

Added 1896 article "Was Thomas Slow at Nashville" by Henry V. Boynton.

12/28/03 Added Thomas Staff link from the Chronology page.
11/22/03 Added Thomas genealogy page link from the Chronology page.
05/26/03 Added 'What if' essay about President Garfield and Thomas.
03/09/03 Updated Thomas bibliography from United States Army Military History Institute.  Updated guest book archive.
12/08/02 Added link to photo of 2nd Cavalry at Carlisle in the Chronology Page.
11/24/02 Added link to letter by Lt. Thomas acknowledging promotion.
11/17/02 Added link to Why Thomas Stayed with the Union in the Chronology Page
08/30/02 Updated Chickamauga animation JavaScript for compatibility with IE 6.0 
07/05/02 Added a poem about Thomas called 'The Rock of Chickamauga'
06/02/02 Added new page about Thomas Statue in Washington DC
06/01/02 Added 'Dixieland' a song by Steve Earle about Sgt Buster Kilrain of the 20th Maine to the music page.  For lyrics go to Steve Earle
05/10/02 Added link to a paper by Atlanta historian Wilbur Kurtz on Snake Creek Gap to the Sherman and Thomas page.
04/06/02 Added link to 'History would do him justice' quote to the Chronology page
01/18/02 Added links to Harper's Weekly description of Thomas funeral to Troy.htm
11/10/01 Added link to Thomas in Mexico to Chronology Page
08/01/01 Added links to Thomas Statue and Painting by artist/sculptor Rudy Ayoroa from the Chronology Page.
7/19/01 Added link to Fort Yuma from Chronology Page.
7/16/01 Added link to Thanks of Congress citation from Chronology Page.
5/19/01 Added link to Lincoln photo and his quote on Thomas at Chickamauga.
3/28/01 Added Year 2000 to archived guest book.
2/10/01 Added 2nd Cavalry link with Texas fort information to Chronology page.
12/2/00 Added 1840 West Point uniform picture and picture of Thomas circa 1853.
11/4/00 Added a painting of Thomas to the 'Favorite Link' page from the Chronology page
10/14/00 Added link to the Southampton County Historical Society  from Thomas' birthplace page and verified & updated links.
9/05/00 Added link to General Rosecrans from the "The true soldier, the prudent and undaunted commander" quote on the Chronology page (1870).
7/27/00 Added link to pictures of Thomas birthplace from chronology page.   Added link to General Anson McCook (orator during Thomas statue unveiling) from Trivia page.
6/25/00 Added an article on Sherman and Thomas to the Controversy page.
6/14/00 Added 'She Wore a Yellow Ribbon' to Music page.
6/10/00 Added Picture of Thomas statue unveiling from Harper's Weekly (linked from Trivia page)
5/29/00 All links verified and updated.
5/20/00 Added new Thomas photo to trivia answer #1 page.
5/16/00 Added 'Archive Guest Book' link to home page to fix limitation of 100 entries in guestbook.
5/12/00 Added link to Dr. Mary Walker on Trivia page (answer 3)
4/14/00 Added links to Andrew Johnson and Kennesaw Mountain from Chronology page.
4/02/00 Added javascript in "day1" to pre-cache audio files for the Chickamauga animation to minimize the wait time.
3/08/00 Added link to General Order 337 from Chronology page.
2/27/00 Added Picture of Thomas on Lookout Mountain from Chronology page.   Changed picture in Music page.
2/01/00 Added Britannica Award.
1/09/00 Added Civil War Interactive  4-Star Award.
1/07/00 Updated java script in "Sep20.html" to correct 'Smart Update' bug when using Netscape.
12/30/99 Added a new question and a new picture of Thomas to the 'What if' page.   Expanded writeups of  Atlanta and Nashville (1864) in the Chronology page.
12/29/99 Added 'zoom' of Thomas picture at end of Chickamauga animation.
12/26/99 Updated java script in "Sep20.html" to help support more browsers & platforms. This is harder than it should be. Still may be having problems with AOL and Macs playing the ".au" audio files.
12/14/99 Added Chickamauga animation (need java and java script enabled in browser to view).